Films to suit a wide range of applications and finishes

D&K Group has been providing economical and reliable solutions for the ever changing mounting, laminating and encapsulating markets for over 30 years.



  • Gloss & Matt finishes
  • Gloss & Matt - 30 micron.  Available on 75mm core
  • Gloss & Matt - 42 micron.  Available on 75mm, 57mm & 25mm core


  • Gloss & Matt finishes
  • Gloss - 30 micron Burstable & 42 micron Standard
  • Matt - 30 micron Burstable & 42 micron Standard


  • Gloss finish
  • 75 micron - 1/2 construction
  • 125 micron - 3/2 construction
  • 250 micron - 4/6 construction


In the past Laminators and Encapsulators have had problems with adhesion to digital prints.  This is due to the high toner levels or the use of fuser oil to speed the drying process.  The chemical properties in SuperStick® allow for successful thermal lamination and encapsulation of these hard to stick to prints.

As well as the excellent adhesion qualities SuperStick® will run on a wide range of thermal laminators and encapsulators.  SuperStick® is user-friendly, it performs with exceptional ease at normal running temperatures, with minimal tension and pressure adjustments required.  It also wets out smoother and clearer and improves the overall appearance and clarity of the print.