D&K Digital Foil Range

Many digital printers, specialising in short run print-on demand, are looking to provide eye catching effects. This can be achieved by combining print, laminates and foils in a wide variety of applications from simple business cards to packaging.

At D&K we have started to roll out a programme of digital foil supply and are bringing in master rolls for conversion. In addition to the standard sizes offered we will be able to supply customised widths, lengths and core sizes. This is subject, on occasions, to volume considerations.

Initially our range will be limited to just 4 varieties – Gold, Silver, Blue and Magenta. Our standard widths will encompass those currently available in the market and introduce a narrow roll to reduce waste when foiling a small area.

Our foil is a little thicker than most in the market, both in terms of the base film and the coating. The thicker base film can help prevent/reduce shrinkage from the heat giving better stability during use. The thicker coating should give a generally better result.

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