EXPRESSION® Pressure Sensitive Range

SMA Mounting Adhesive

A solvent based adhesive each side of a polyester carrier, protected by a double-sided release paper. The low initial tack builds up to a very high bond strength over 24 hours

Optically Clear Mounting Film (Permanent/permanent) & (Permanent/removable)

Glass clear solvent acrylic adhesive each side of an optically clear polyester carrier; each adhesive face is in turn protected by a filmic liner to present the smoothest possible surface to aid perfect results. With UV inhibitors to delay fading.


UV Gloss

A tough, 50 micron glossy polyester film coated with an aggressive solvent acrylic adhesive with added UV inhibitors. Ideal for giving a brilliant gloss finish to photographic or inkjet output. Protected by a siliconised release film to retain the evenness of the adhesive and avoid silvering.

UV Lustre

A thick (85 micron) PVC film with a deep polished finish that enhances all forms of graphics while reducing reflection and glare and offering additional protection against fading by exposure to light in the UV spectrum. Protected by a heavy duty, very stable release paper.

UV Matte

A non-reflective 85 micron PVC film giving a subtle sheen to images, with a UV protective adhesive coating. Protected by a heavy duty, stable release paper.

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