Cold laminator range

  • Economic efficient machines for the application of pressure sensitive materials only.
  • Basic unit comprises top unwind, top rewind and bottom unwind (all with auto-locking of rolls).
  • Single adjustment of aperture up to 5cms. with an LED colour-coded pressure indicator.
  • Push-button controls for forward/stop/reverse and speed adjustment (up to 3.5M/min).

Hot Top Roller (HA)

  • Useful for pressure sensitive laminate application.
  • Small footprint with robust and innovative design; work can be processed sheet to roll or roll to roll as standard.
  • The pivoting feed tray, with safety interlock, allows speedy roll changing.
  • Additional safety features include laser eye protection at the nip and 2 emergency stops.
  • The single chassis construction has additional roll storage and is on castors for ease of movement.
  • Programmable control board also allows for individual speed (up to 6M/min), temperature (from 30º to 60ºC) and pressure adjustments.

Hot Top Roller (HT)

  • For heat activated materials.
  • As above, but with a top roller temperature capacity up to 140º C, enabling the use of heat-activated laminates.

Multi-function (twin heated rollers)

  • Independent infra red heating enables the use hot and cold materials - simultaneously, if desired.
  • All gauges of encapsulating film can be processed and most popular rigid substrates can be used due to the 5cm aperture possible.

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